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When it comes to solar energy, Texas certainly stands out among the rest of the U.S. states as one of the most popular locations for solar panel installation in 2020; even surpassing California! In fact, enough renewable energy is produced by those panels to provide electricity to almost 1.3 million homes across the Lone Star State. It's no wonder why this is so: many Texans can boast of being lucky enough to live in an area where there are up to 3,700 sunny hours or 233 sunny days a year! The current 2.27% of total energy production that is generated through Texas solar panels may not sound like much, but that amount is sufficient enough to feed power into around 1.1 million homes state-wide.

4 Reasons Why It’s Worth Going Solar in Texas


Add battery storage to your solar system so you can rely on clean energy and disconnect from the grid during outages.



Reduce your carbon footprint while harnessing the power of the sun. Solar panels take advantage of this by providing consistent, reliable power.



Solar power has many advantages over fossil fuels as a renewable energy source. It is a more viable option for your home, community, and the environment.



Due to the increasing popularity of solar-powered homes, they stand out, resulting in immense profits as they sell faster and at a higher value in the national real estate market.

Ready to go SOLAR

Claim the 30% federal solar tax credit on your solar investment.

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Available Solar Incentives Texas

Incentives help lower the cost of your solar energy system. Those available in Texas include:

  • Solar Tax Credit: Most solar energy installations are eligible for the Residential Clean Energy Credit, previously called the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Eligible homeowners can deduct up to 30% of their solar power system’s costs from their total tax liability for the year of installation.

  • State Property Tax Exemption: Solar has been shown to increase the value of your home. Texas is great in that it exempts this addition from your property taxes, meaning you don’t pay extra taxes because you got solar panels.

  • Electric Utility Incentives: While there is no official financial incentive for solar from the state, some electric cooperatives and municipal utilities, such as Austin Energy, CPS Energy, and GVEC, may offer solar rebate programs to offset the cost of your installation even further.

Switching to solar is easy with ORION

Orion Smart Power is one of the country’s fastest-growing companies. We actively install in twenty states. Not in one of these states?

Please contact us to see if we’re in your area.

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