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With an average of 250 to 290 sunny days per year, California is one of America's top five sunniest states. Project Sunroof has found that 91% of California buildings have roof space suitable for solar installations. This makes it clear why California currently holds first place on the Solar States Top 10 rankings. An impressive 8.5 million homes here are using renewable energy from solar systems- enough to power over 1,340,000 households in this state alone. Moreover, with California aiming to achieve a 100% zero-carbon energy goal by 2045 and various clean energy incentives available across statewide areas, solar installation is at the forefront as an indispensable form of energy source in future years.

4 Reasons Why It’s Worth Going Solar in Califronia


Add battery storage to your solar system so you can rely on clean energy and disconnect from the grid during outages.



Reduce your carbon footprint while harnessing the power of the sun. Solar panels take advantage of this by providing consistent, reliable power.



Solar power has many advantages over fossil fuels as a renewable energy source. It is a more viable option for your home, community, and the environment.



Due to the increasing popularity of solar-powered homes, they stand out, resulting in immense profits as they sell faster and at a higher value in the national real estate market.

Ready to go SOLAR

Claim the 30% solar tax credit on your solar investment.

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Available Solar Incentives in California

California has seen more than 1.3 million installations across the state - the highest in any part of the US. Although rebate programs were once integral to keeping costs down, market growth and technological advances have made solar much more affordable.  Homeowners within the Golden State now do not even require utility incentives to see significant savings. Following are some benefits residents can look forward to when they opt for purchasing solar:

  • Solar Tax Credit: Most solar energy installations are eligible for the Residential Clean Energy Credit, previously called the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Eligible homeowners can deduct up to 30% of their solar power system’s costs from their total tax liability for the year of installation.

  • Solar Energy System Property Tax Exclusion: California homeowners who install an active solar system onto their home or build a house with rooftop solar included won’t have their property taxes increased until 2025.

  • Local Utility Rebates: Some local electric cooperatives and municipal utilities may offer solar rebate programs to offset the cost of your renewable energy system even further.

Switching to solar is easy with ORION

Orion Smart Power is one of the country’s fastest-growing companies. We actively install in twenty states. Not in one of these states?

Please contact us to see if we’re in your area.

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