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Solar Panels
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4 Reasons Why It’s Worth Going Solar


Add battery storage to your solar system so you can rely on clean energy and disconnect from the grid during outages.



Reduce your carbon footprint while harnessing the power of the sun. Solar panels take advantage of this by providing consistent, reliable power.



Solar power has many advantages over fossil fuels as a renewable energy source. It is a more viable option for your home, community, and the environment.



Due to the increasing popularity of solar-powered homes, they stand out, resulting in immense profits as they sell faster and at a higher value in the national real estate market.

Ready to go SOLAR

Claim the 30% federal solar tax credit on your solar investment.

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Available Solar Incentives

Incentives help lower the cost of your solar energy system. Available solar incentives include:

  • The Federal ITC: Most solar energy installations are eligible for the federal tax credit—formally known as the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which allows an actual reduction to your taxes equal to 30% of your solar installation costs. Only residents who purchase their systems in full or take out a loan are eligible to claim the ITC.

  • State Property Tax Exemption: Solar has been shown to increase the value of your home. Solar owners can claim an exemption from property taxes for 80% of their solar system's appraised value.

  • Net Metering and Billing Programs: Utility providers are required by law to provide a minimum credit value for any excess solar energy you produce and add to the electric grid. The exact value of the credits will depend on your utility provider.

  • Revolving loan options:  Legislation allows for cities and counties to offer low-interest loans for solar panels and other energy upgrades.​​

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